• Objectives of the University:
    To encourage the advancement of learning that brings about meaningful changes and contribute to the growth and development of humanity.

    To promote and conduct research in all fields of learning.

    To encourage and develop independent reading and self actualization among students.

    To contribute to the realization of a development-oriented society.

    To provide courses of instructions and other facilities for the pursuit of learning in all its branches and to make all these facilities available on proper terms to such persons as are equiped to benefit from them.

  • Vision:
    The vision of St. Louis African Unviersity is to produce dynamic graduates who can move the cause of humanity beyond this present stage.
  • Mission Statement:
    The Mission of St. Louis African University is to serve as a world class Institution that would reposition the Continent of African through Academic means.

  • Brief History of the University:
    St. Louis African University was established out of the desire of the intellectuals to advance the course of research and learning.

    The advancement of learning means the search for truth through study, this you will agree with me is an essential and distinguishing element in a University.

    The continent of Africa has many problems on which education is the key solution. It is our believe that university work has real relevance for meeting the challenges of a development oriented society.

    A development oriented society needs educated men and women who would apply their knowledge to many problems confronting the continent. As stated in the vision and mission statements of the University, we want to be acknowledged as a world class University that would reposition the continent of Africa in her appropriate place, this we intend to achieve through academic means.

    I welcome every student to the University and I wish you a successful career in the Republic of Benin.

    St. Louis African University

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