St. Louis African University in its bid to make qualitative edication accessable to all who desire to have one offers the following pattern of studies:

  • Full-Time:
    Students in this mode of study shall be in school throughout the duration of their undergraduate degree programmes. Full-Time degree programme at St. Louis African University is usually a 4-years programme.
  • Part-Time:
    This pattern of study is made avaialable to those who cannot go through Full-time programme due to their nature of work and their tight schedule.
  • Distance Learning:
    Distance learning Programme is a unique and flexible mode of study available to those who are outside Republic of Benin and are interested in studying at SLAUB.

    However, irrespective of the mode of studies, the academic policy of St. Louis African University is that physical appearance at Examinations on the main campus in Republic of Benin is compulsary.

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